Stephanie Fairyington

Stephanie Fairyington has worked as a researcher-reporter at Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue, Elle, Dwell, Poz, an HIV/AIDS magazine, and Story Worldwide, an advertising agency. She served as Elle’s research chief for more than three years before leaving in 2010 for her current post as research editor at Us Weekly. Fairyington has fact-checked a wide range of articles—from complex women’s health features to celebrity cover stories to in-depth political profiles. Over the past decade, she has developed an eye for spotting potential legal snags, critically analyzing complex issues and breaking them down for a general audience. She also writes on gender and sexuality. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly (online),, Utne Reader (via Dissent),The Huffington Post, Elle, Marie Claire, The New York Observer, TimeOut New York, The Advocate and Out. She holds a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.Ed. from Harvard.

Shirley Velasquez

Shirley Velasquez is an editor and writer based in New York City. She has worked for Rolling Stone, Women's Health, and Dwell magazines. Velasquez served as Elle magazine's research chief where she examined copy for legal issues, managed a staff of fact-checkers, and ensured the steady flow of copy between departments. In 2009, Velasquez completed a six-year stint as a staff reporter, editor, and researcher in Glamour’s news department, where she regularly converted wonky reports and complex stories into accessible prose for a mass audience, often interviewing her subjects in Spanish and French. Velasquez also honed her skills as reporter-researcher at ElleGirl, InStyle, and Ms.,where she was the news and culture editor. Her writing has appeared in Elle, Glamour, American Way, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan Magazine For Latinas, InStyle, Ms., Latina, Family Circle, The New York Sun, Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post-9/11 Injustice (McSweeney's/Voice of Witness) and Border-Line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas Dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting (Harper Collins), an anthology of essays.